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What is marketing automation and how to use it?

What is marketing automation and how to use it?

Today, Marketing Automation is widely accepted among marketers. They have a variety of tools that help them make their marketing campaigns successful, impactful, attractive, and customer-centric. 

Automation has been around long before computers were invented. Today automated machines allow us to operate tasks automatically through programs. 

While marketers could previously market their products manually, now with the advent of technology they can leverage algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for direct channel campaigns.

Automation enabled humans in every field to make their lives easier. We live in a world where we see automation as a tool that has taken over many tasks. These tasks can be simple as toasting or letting your tesla drive itself to your office. 

Marketing automation is the same as letting your tesla drive itself to your office. You can use many tools to automate your marketing efforts which we will discuss later in the blog. First, let’s understand the basics.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to manage and automate marketing tasks. 

The aim of marketing automation is to increase efficiency and productivity, freeing up time for marketers to focus on other strategic tasks. 

Marketing automation encompasses a wide range of activities, including email marketing, social media engagement, lead nurturing, and website activity tracking.

Why marketing automation is important?

Marketing Automation allows businesses to automatically organize data and distribute content to multiple channels across different websites. 

They allow organizations to automate sales and customer service cycles online, creating personalized experiences based on user interactions online. 

This helps to develop a strong relationship with customers while reducing workloads. These tools provide new ways to reach potential prospects through text messages, email, Facebook, and Twitter feed.

They save time and ensure effective communication with prospective clients and existing consumers. They also create a good customer experience.

How marketing automation tools can help you?

Marketing automation tools automate manual tasks related to marketing activities. These tools enable marketers to automate different functions ranging from customer relationship management to email campaigns. Let’s discuss some of the important features of these tools.

Time is Money

Marketing automation tools help save time and money for businesses making them perfect for small-scale operations. 

These tools provide clients the ability to produce effective multi-channel marketing campaigns within one account set-up.

These tools automate everything related to campaign delivery allowing marketers to focus on what matters – creating quality creative & messaging.

However, implementing marketing tools requires strategic analysis before implementation. Today, marketing tools are more advanced and offer much higher levels of effectiveness.


Marketing Automation Tools help businesses streamline operations, reduce operating expenses, boost productivity, and deliver measurable ROI [return on investment] improvements.

These tools remove manual labor, eliminate inefficient processes, and free up staff to spend more productive hours producing strategic value instead of busy work. This ultimately delivers a return on investment!

They provide a platform for automated campaigns across multiple channels from social media management, to email marketing, text messages, and landing pages.

All are designed to generate new potential customers and drive incremental customer acquisition. 

Reporting and Analytics

Marketing automation tools provide businesses with the ability to track data and respond before customers even realize they need help.

Business owners gain valuable insights based on past consumer behaviors, demographics, product preferences, purchase history, etc., 

Now you understand what is marketing automation let’s check out popular automation tools that you can use.

Automation Tools

There are many marketing automation tools available but you only need one that can help you save time and boost your creativity. 

If you select the right marketing automation tool, then even the most simple tool can help businesses to generate more customers and ultimately, profit.

Here are some of the popular automation tools:


Hubspot is one of the most popular all-in-one marketing platforms available out there. Hubspot offers you different prices as per your need. It just starts from $45 per month.

Hubspot is more focused on inbound advertising and marketing. This marketing automation tool is perfect for small business owners. 

Hubspot can offer you a lot of features such as SEO, email automation, reports, analytics, social media e.t.c.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is not an automation software but it works like one. This tool is perfect for business owners who only create content on Facebook and Instagram. The best thing is it is free.

You can get features that other software provides. You can create posts and stories across Meta channels and you can schedule them also. 

You can also get insights about your page. This tool pretty much does the job. Meta also regularly updates the interface and fixes issues. This tool is best for starters.


Mailchimp is also a top-rated marketing automation platform. It is well known for its email marketing features. 

Mailchimp allows you to integrate with other platforms as well. You can sign up for free and you can start your marketing campaigns for free. If you are looking for a budget-friendly automation tool then Mailchimp is good to go.


Having weighed up all arguments, it is quite possible for us to arrive at the conclusion that marketing automation does indeed help businesses grow more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to helping clients save money and increase revenue, by using automated systems, organizations get top talent working on higher-visibility projects, thus improving organizational performance, job satisfaction, and employee retention rates.

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