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Economy, Elections, and Immigration What’s happening?

Economy, Elections, and Immigration What’s happening

After months of intense speculation and concerns regarding a possible default, there has been a significant development in Pakistan. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) program has finally been initiated, bringing with it an influx of dollars from countries like Saudi Arabia and China. 

This is a much-needed relief for the nation, which has been grappling with political instability and inflation, causing brain drain and widespread economic depression.

So elections are finally announced, it doesn’t matter who you support because everyone knows decisions are not taken by the person who you vote for. 

Politics aside we are going to discuss what matters to you. How you can survive and make and save your money from inflation e.t.c. in the next 1 to 2 years.

Are we out of a default situation?

Overall we are out of a default situation and now we will see a dollar inflow for a short time. 

Well, the interim government will let go dollar on the free float and the dollar will shoot until the next gov comes in. 

I’m not going to go into numbers but I think the economy will stabilize (economy doesn’t mean dollar).

Inflation has already started to come down but the new gov will have to take serious reforms otherwise. 

We will be talking about the same thing after 2 years. For me it doesn’t matter who comes in gov reforms are important. 

Are we going to sustain this time?

While inflation has started to recede, the incoming government will face the critical task of implementing structural reforms. 

Failing to do so will lead us down the same path of economic discussion two years from now. 

Regardless of who is in power, the importance of structural reforms cannot be underestimated. 

The ultimate goal should be to address the root causes of inflation, uncertainty, unproductivity e.t.c. and establish sustainable economic growth.

I’m not sure about sustainability but it will take time to implement reforms.

What’s going to happen in the crypto world?

Lately, my conversations with friends have revolved around cryptocurrencies, web 3, and AI.

Guys 2024 is going to be big no one is going to tell you this but Web 3 is coming.

The world is rapidly evolving, and even if investing in crypto is not your cup of tea, it is crucial to educate yourself about it. 

If you don’t want to invest in crypto that’s ok but at least educate yourself about it.

Digital currencies are a reality and they are here to stay for a very long time.

How to get ready for the upcoming boom?

There is a boom coming as it always does after a cycle of recession and inflation. As central banks start to revert interest rates you’ll see boom cycle will start again.

I want to help you guys to embrace and be ready for the next boom.

Most of you are in your 20s and you are smart people and you can change your habits and save and invest in productive assets (not in plots).

Learn about Web 3, DAO, AI, decentralized finance, emerging technologies, and use cases of decentralized applications.

First, research and then put your savings into assets that you think are going to be essential for the next 5 years.

They can be technology stocks, gold, mutual funds, or cryptocurrencies (Only which are important for the future of Web 3.

No one is going to give you free advice people are charging $$$ for just this. Even if I’m wrong at least you’ll learn something new.

Should I go abroad If I can?

A total of 832,000 Pakistanis have left Pakistan for better opportunities, in the first six months of 2023.

If you can go abroad then there is no better option than this.

By going abroad you’ll explore new opportunities and gain valuable insights into how the world is evolving. 

You’ll have the opportunity to discover the latest technologies and the exciting projects people are working on. 

Also, going abroad can offer better financial prospects compared to staying in Pakistan. 

You may have the potential to earn a higher income and build a stronger financial foundation for yourself. 

It’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn from diverse experiences, and potentially learn new things.

What’s the future of Pakistan?

Throughout history, Pakistan has relied on loans and aid to sustain itself. 

That’s why we have fought many wars no offense to soldiers but the world makes a lot of money with wars.

In the next 10 to 15 years, many of the current elites will pass away, paving the way for new and visionary leaders who will strive to shape the nation according to our collective aspirations.

Note: This is not financial advice this article is only for information purposes.
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