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Why Marketing Matters?

Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters because marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with your customers. People usually confuse marketing with sales. Marketing is not how much you sell, it’s about how you sell. 

Do you know? 

Coca-Cola Logo is recognized by 94% of the population of the world. If you have ever seen any Coca-Cola Ad there is one thing common in every single ad and that is Happiness.

Have you ever noticed why you drink Coca-Cola when you are with your friends, having dinner at a family gathering because it has become a sign of happiness? This is the best example I could give you to understand what marketing is. 

Why Marketing Matters?

If you are running a business online or offline. No matter what, you need a good marketing strategy. Doing marketing in the right way will help you increase sales, help you in creating brand loyalty, help you create leads,e.t.c.

This is why your marketing matters. In the simplest form marketing will help you build relations with customers and prospective customers who would be interested in your business. 

The best thing about marketing is that you can measure it. You can measure if your efforts are paying you back or not. Check out my blog on “Why is Digital Marketing important for small businesses?“.

Marketing success is completely dependent on “What’s Different”. You need to do something different and catchy to be able to run a successful campaign. 

In, Today’s world your marketing matters because the customer is already a prospect of your competitor but it’s your unique marketing strategy that will define why they would choose you instead of vast choices out there.

If you are doing something unique you might have a good chance that the customer will prefer you.  

Every Marketer always tries to find new customers who are willing to pay back. Marketers measure his success on how well his technique worked out whether his marketing matters in the long term and whether he is able to convert customers from their competitors or not.

When a marketer tries to target his prospective customers. He keeps in his mind the demographics of his audience. A Marketer makes a strategy that is good enough to enable him\her to create relationships and loyalty with the customer.

You can’t survive without marketing, whether you are a billion-dollar company or a startup. You need a good marketing strategy to keep your business growing. You have to build a relationship with your customer and build a sense of loyalty. You have to move up the ladder to convert your customers. 

As I always say:

“If you know marketing, people will sleep out at your store to buy a product they have never seen, touched, or used.”

In the end, I would like to give you five simple tips for your marketing strategy:

  • Make yourself recognizable
  • Assess your competitor
  • Be relatable
  • Give your customer a little extra
  • Stay up to date with trends.


You’re marketing matters because you need to find a way to create relationships with your customers. You just have to put your work into marketing and always make your marketing strategy for the long term. Don’t go after short-term profits.

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