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Why is Affiliate Marketing important in 2022?

Why is Affiliate Marketing important in 2022?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the marketing concepts that is underrated not because it’s difficult to pronounce but because most marketers don’t really understand the power of affiliation. 

Internet marketing is based on affiliation. The peer-to-peer connection makes it more important. Whenever you want to buy something online, the first thing you look for is reviews of the product or service. 

You probably have seen websites that provide you with great reviews about products and services. They provide you with detailed information about the product and at the end, there is a link that says buy now and use code “__” to get an extra discount. This is what you call Affiliate Marketing. 

How did affiliate marketing start in the 1990s?

In the early 1990s, a man named William J. Tobin started the concept of affiliate marketing. The concept was so unique that it became a source of earning for bloggers, writers, and news websites. 

Tobin created this framework where people looking to buy flowers were sent to other companies to buy flowers from and when they make a purchase he would get a commission on that sale. Tobin did not own a single flower shop.

As Web 2.0 got bigger as did affiliate marketing started to boom. Many big companies started to think about ways to increase their revenues. Amazon was one of them. Amazon started its associate program in 1996. This program allowed many people to start earning money online. 

Affiliate Marketing now has been there for almost 30 years. Even though it is a billion-dollar industry, still a lot of people don’t know what affiliate marketing is and how it is done. 

What is affiliate marketing exactly?

Affiliate marketing is a way of selling products without owning them. You earn a commission by selling other retailers’ or companies’ products. 

Affiliate Programs are mostly Free. Sign up on whichever program you like Once your application is accepted, but the given links in your content. Your content should be valuable so that you give good value to your customers. So, if they buy from your given link you have a lifetime value for your readers or your website users.

It is very important that good content is king and it can generate 3x more leads and sales. About 65% of affiliate marketers rely on content to generate leads and sales. It cost 60% less than other mediums of marketing. 

How does affiliate marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketers use unique techniques to market products and services. Affiliate Marketing is a network in which 3 parties are working to make a sale. Everyone has their role in the process.

  1. The Marketer has a business or brand and offers products and services to sell and uses affiliates to generate leads and sales and then gives a commission on the completed goal.
  1. The affiliate is the person who has a blog site or a publishing site and advertises the products and services of the marketer to get his commission on each sale he generates.
  1. The customer or user is the backbone of this process because without him there is no sale and commission. The customer buys the product of the marketer through the affiliate.

The affiliates don’t have to pay anything for promoting the content and the customers do not pay more to purchase the product through affiliates. In most cases, customers get more discounts if they come through affiliates.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

According to bloggingX statistics, the affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth $12 billion and it also states that 83% of the marketers use affiliate marketing to increase their brand awareness. These statistics are phenomenal. They show how important Affiliate Marketing has become. According to one more study by Statista, spending in the USA will reach up to $8 billion by the end of 2022. 

Some important features of affiliate marketing are 


Marketers have a lot to worry about. They need to track which campaign is doing well and generating sales, whether their social media accounts are getting organic traffic or not, and analyze their website users. 

If you are a marketer, you have to analyze which affiliate link is getting more clicks and analyze the traffic and sales that you are generating from affiliate marketing. You have to make Call To Action banners, e.t.c. that you provide to your affiliate. The better your CTA, the more you generate sales.

If you are an affiliate you just need to put affiliate links where people are going to click, or you can put links where your users are landing more than other pages. You need to create valuable content that your user likes. Most importantly, you need to have a good SEO strategy so that you can generate more traffic to your site. As I mentioned above, good content generates more sales.


Successful marketers scale their businesses on trust. Affiliate marketing is all dependent on trust. When you use a product personally and recommend others the possibility is that they might buy it because you told them, not because it is cheaper, or it has more features.

If you are an affiliate you can scale very easily without hiring more people. If you are already earning a good amount from affiliate marketing, but you want to grow your revenue, you can introduce a new blogging site with a targeted niche market, you can get into more affiliate programs. 

Today, a lot of tools that you might be using in your e-commerce or for your site probably have affiliate programs. You can check by going to the website of the respective tool and checking for the word “Affiliate” and clicking on it. 

How do generate passive income with affiliate programs?

Just like running your e-commerce business affiliate marketing also requires your dedication, consistency, and your strategy to build a brand. 

You can generate a handsome amount of passive income through affiliate marketing. You might consider doing it full-time. When the time is right and it starts paying more money than 9 to 5. It depends on how much work you put in to earn the reward.

Content creators have their unique audiences. They create content that their audience likes and they try to market products that they might like and consider buying in the future. For example, If you have a mobile reviewing website you will have a niche audience of people who are interested in buying tech products. You might only review mobiles or related products, you can’t sell fashion products to that specific audience.

List of Affiliate Marketing Programs you might need to check;


You can start your affiliate marketing business today and can turn it into a million-dollar business by just promoting products and services. There are many ways to earn money online, but affiliate is one of the best. It helps you build your brand and you can leverage that trust of people to sell your EBook, courses, or services. It all comes down to one thing: are you able to be consistent with your content and provide something of value to your consumers.

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